The conference focuses on experimental ideas of children and culture for children, children's rights, participation and access to culture in the '68 years. The aim is to generate dialogue between specialists from cognate fields within childhood studies (including children’s history and media, children's culture, heritage and art education), historians of ’68, and contemporary practitioners involved in working with children and culture (publishers, artists, children’s librarians etc).

The conference will be held at the Bibliothèque Municipale de Tours, France, Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th October 2017. This will coincide with an exhibition of non-sexist and multiracial children's books from the 1970s from France and the US, organised in collaboration with the artists Kim Dhillon and Andrea Francke of Invisible Spaces of Parenthood and the Children's Section of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Tours.


To register for this event: http://www.lestudium-ias.com/event/1968-and-boundaries-childhood.

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