ESF-Research Conference
Norrköping University, Sweden, 26.09.-30.09.2012
Chair: Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (University of Tübingen)
Co-Chairs: Elina Druker (University of Stockholm), Maria Nikolajeva (University of Cambridge)

The conference, which is fully funded by the European Science Foundation, is a first  step towards the investigation of the complex and mutual influences of Avant-Garde movements on children's literature in different European and non-European countries  during the 20th century. Since modern children's literature in these countries is obviously influenced by Avant-Garde concepts until the present, the topic of the  conference reveals a timeless approach which will help to enlarge the historical and  theoretical context of children's literature in a European context.

It is one aim of this conference to bring together those scholars who are interested into the relationship between avant-garde movements and children's culture (i.e. arts,  literature, toys, films for children) within a European context. Since Avant-garde movements were particularly strong in countries such as Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic countries, this  conference focuses on the mutual influences of European Avant-garde movements and children's literature in these respective countries. Moreover, the impact of the European Avant-Garde on Non-European children's literature, for instance in Brazil or the United States, will be investigated as well.

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