An der Universität Stockholm findet vom 13. bis zum 15. September 2013 eine Tagung zum Thema "Text, image, ideology. Picturebooks as meetingplaces" statt. Organisiert wird die Tagung von Elina Druker (Universität Stockholm).

The focus of the fourth biennial picturebook conference is picturebooks as meeting places for different media, authors and illustrators, ideas and ideologies. The emphasis of the conference lies on new theoretical ideas and concepts concerning interplay between various media in the picturebook. Furthermore, picturebooks are both motif-wise and visually shaped by changing ideas of children and childhood. Parallel to more pragmatic attitudes to children's literature we also find ideas about illustrations and picturebooks as artistic experiments or as a place where anti-authoritarian attitudes are expressed. The aim of the conference is to investigate influences from different media as an essential part of the picturebook's artistic and narrative expression.

Programm der Tagung